Monday, October 29, 2012

Vintage Headboard dressed with a Pink Heritage Quilt

Vintage cast iron headboards in a bedroom.
Just another one of my many weaknesses.

My mother-in-law works part-time for an auction sale company, and comes across many a treasures in her travels. I had mentioned to her some time ago, to keep her eyes peeled for a headboard for my daughter's room.

She delivered! Not one, but two, fantastic vintage beds!

I snuck one headboard into my storage pile, for use at a later time. I am thinking, maybe cabin?

The 3/4 bed headboard/footboard combo, went outside for some TLC. I pondered painting it, and decided that the natural age, rust and patina, was just too much to cover. 

I gave it a light sanding to smooth it out. I then covered it generously with spray clear coat, to protect the headboard, as well as the bedding.


The bed was dressed with a teal down duvet from HomeSense, and a neat throw pillow ... Score! Creamy eyelet sheets and a pink heritage quilt.

The pink heritage quilt is a special item to us. 
It was made originally by my husband's grandmother with scraps of her daughter's clothing. 
My husband's grandmother passed away this summer. 
It was originally used on my mother in law's bed when she was a little girl. 
By time I found it, it was well used, well loved, stuffed inside of a quilt cover, never to be seen again. To say it needed some TLC is an understatement. 
I took it to my mother, who took it apart and salvaged the top. 
It then went to my grandmother to be re-stuffed and re-quilted. 
I am so thankful that my daughter and I were able to spend the day with my mother and grandmother and some extended family this spring quilting it back together. 
What a beautiful piece for my daughter to have, made with love from both sides of her family tree. 

The cherry on the top ... a vintage look chandelier. She loves it!


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