Friday, October 26, 2012

Eggplant Martini

This project has been patiently waiting for me in our garage for the last...hmm,  maybe I won't tell you how long.  This old commercial cabinet came from my parent's "collection".  My Mom had picked it up from a local business in our home town over ten years ago with plans to restore it.

My vision for this cabinet and the results weren't exactly the same, but sometimes that is just the way it works.  The plan was to paint it a very deep purple, almost an eggplant color.  First coat of paint went on bright, too purple for my liking.  Unfortunately the color in your head is sometimes very hard to find at the paint store.

I ventured out again and came home with a can named plum martini, I was sure this was the color!   Results were an almost grey/blue purple.  No, it wasn't eggplant, but this new shade started to grow on me.   A little distressing and I was happy with the results.





                          My favorite part of this project are the old door knobs turned into pulls.

Another project out of the garage and into the house = happy husband and warm vehicle. 

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