Monday, October 1, 2012

Front Entry Post 1

This week the girls' and I are going to share how we are welcoming fall at our front door.  I'll start....

My inspiration came from the fall wreath I purchased at one of my favorite hangouts, Homesense.  I decided to dig out an old black urn that I thought had lived a full life at my house, and re-newed it with a coat of spray paint.   I used Liquitex paint in Cadmium Yellow for this project.  Liquitex is the cadillac of spray paints so to speak.  It is a little pricier than the Krylon brand, but so worth it.  One or two coats is all you ever need with this paint, and the choice of colors is amazing.  After the paint dried I distressed the urn by roughing it up with a little sandpaper.

 Terra and I decided to head out into the country and find ourselves some fall foliage.   We hit the "jackpot" of what I call "water weed", but I can't be sure of it's technical name.  Regardless, it was bountiful and beautiful!   We shared the wealth and dropped a bundle off at Jade's, and called it a good night. 

So weeds, paint, a few pumpkins and I'm done!   

 Door mat found at a the lovely SAS Home and Floral Boutique.




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  1. looks very nice you have such good ideas keep them coming