Sunday, October 7, 2012

Grey Dresser Re-New

 Remember way back when I mentioned that I had picked up another dresser buffet?
I originally had picked it up for Jade. After it spent a bit of time in my garage, and we 'bonded' a bit, I just couldn't part with her. I had another dresser that I had a plan for, that I ended up swapping Jade for in return for this one.
I FINALLY got around to doing something with it.
Original Condition:
Well worn
Painted white
Paint was peeling and chipping
Original Hardware
I gave it an all over good sanding. Not to remove the paint,
but so that the new finish would adhere.
This is after one coat of spray primer.
I honestly need to buy shares in Liquitex!
Color of the day: Liquitex in Neutral Grey 7
2 coats in 2 days. The entire dresser took 2 cans of paint.
I vow to never roll or brush paint a piece of furniture again!
After the Liquitex. I took the palm sander to it. I distressed it to my liking. The beautiful thing about it being painted white by the last owner, is that it added another color to the depth of my distressing. When I sanded the edges, now I had hues of the original wood and the creamy white paint accenting the new grey color.
It still needed a bit more definition. I took my gel stain in a medium walnut and did a "tea-staining" technique. I rubbed it all over the dresser, making sure to get it in all the grooves and on the fresh sanded areas. I had a wet rag at hand to wipe the excess off. I played around with it for a bit and came up with a piece that looked nicely aged.
2 coats of spray on clear polyurethane and the original hardware ...
 Love her!


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