Friday, October 5, 2012

TGIF! Front Entry Post 3

Thank Goodness It's Fall! 

It really is my favourite season of all. 

Fall means I get to drive through corridors of vibrantly-coloured trees on my way to work. 
It means the air feels crisp and clean. 
It means rosy cheeks and pink noses. 
It means big cozy sweaters and boots. 

To me, fall is welcoming. Which is why it makes sense to bring fall to my doorstep!
 This year, I tried my best to decorate our doorstep on the cheap:

The frame on the door is from an old mirror. Gold plastic frame + spray paint {from my stash} = front door statement piece!
The garland was made with a few craft supplies {already on hand} and some foam pumpkins from the dollar store.

The pinecones were a free 'bonus' from a trip I made last week to an acreage full of vintage goodies, and I spruced them up with a little craft paint.

Everything else was stolen from around the house or garage. 

I love the colour, the imperfection and the price. 

Welcome Fall, we're ready for you!


A sad update: After a mad morning rush to snatch up some spray paint (sale!), I came home to find this on my doorstep: 

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