Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bedside Table Re-newed

Bedside table BEFORE:

... a coat of paint ... new hardware ...


With a couple great thrift store finds: 5 vintage books nested in an old wire bicycle basket.



  1. Terra, just wondering what kind of paint you used for it to stick well to the previous finish. I have a dresser I would like to paint but scared it will chip.

  2. My tips are:
    A good sand will help the paint stick. Always take some time to sand the original piece. If its a small piece I typically prefer spray paint because it's quick, clean and easy. I love the Liquitex spray paints they have great coverage! Next, several coats of polyurethane. Get it heavy on the high traffic areas of the piece ... This will toughen it up. Last, I typically distress my furniture for two reasons: one because I like to look. Two, because if the paint chips a bit it just looks like more distress. If its a large piece, there are some really good durable roll on paints out there. Ask at your paint store. Hope this helps. Happy Painting!

  3. I love the color and the basket full of books!