Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bonus #2: Small Side Table

I picked up a great dresser buffet yesterday (you could really argue it either way,
so I will call it a buffet, to keep my dresser count to a minimum),
that I can't wait to get started on! Stay tuned for that post.

When I was leaving her house ... I threw out the famous "you don't have any other furniture you are selling while I am here, do you?". She pondered that for a minute, and then said
 "As a matter of fact, I have a little side table downstairs that I was going to get rid of,
are you interested?"
Heck yah! Let me see that puppy!

This was it. $20 is what she wanted.

It was really cute the way it was, but I felt it needed a little bit of distressing. After a bit of time with the palm sander, this is what I had. Cute!

It was originally a side table I think, but what a perfect little table for tea parties. 
And it just so happens I came across today, deep in a box, 
an old tea set from when I was a little girl.


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