Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lighten Up and Brighten Up: Master Bedroom Re-New

I am so excited ... I need to show you ... It's Done!!
Now ... rewind.
Enter: old bedroom.
It was dark. Dark paint. Dark furniture. Dark bedding. Imagine the headboard to match those nightstands, it was dark too. It was dark, really dark. 
Paint shopping. I wanted to go light. I had the color of creamy vanilla icecream in mind. I took my paint swatch from my trim along. It was once I got there that I realized that the colour I had on the trim was much darker than I anticipated ... now the dilemma ... do I:
1) Go a shade close than the trim and then risk it looking like a near miss.
2) Go a couple of shades darker than the trim, but then its not really that light anymore.
3) Go a couple of shades lighter than the trim (although I have never been a fan of the "darker trim/lighter paint" look) ...
... so I texted Jade ... with this pile of paint swatches and a big "????"
She was in total agreement with me ... but I wanted light ...
so ... she convinced me to go light.
I am so glad I did. I Love it!
Honestly people, I didn't realize what a paint colour could do.
I went light, really light, and the room seems twice the size.
Paint: Check
New Flooring: Check
Time to install the headboard (you can see that project here) that
started this domino effect in the first place. We attached it directly to the wall.
Put it all together, and you have this!
I had a matching furniture set. I don`t love the ``matchy-matchy`` look, but I had to be realistic, it was a great set and I wasn`t ready to paint it just yet. I took the two end tables and relocated them elsewhere in the house. I settled on keeping the two dressers in the room for storage. Next, I took two recent projects and used them as a mismatched end table set.
Remember this dresser? You can see it here.
On the other side, that old side table renewal, you can see that here
I lightened up the decor a bit.

On the opposite side of the room: the photo collage that you can see here.


Don`t these bowls just make you want to smile :)
And that coffee table turned bench renewal that can be seen here.


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