Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rustic Red

I cannot take credit for this re-newed piece.   My fondness of all things rustic comes from my Mom. One example is this salvaged top of an old upright cupboard she found that had been neglected for many years.  I don't have any pictures of its original condition.  It began its renewed life in my first apartment where it was adorned with a fresh coat of pale yellow paint as I started to develop my boho style.  It then moved outside to the back deck at the lake.   New siding on our cabin brought about a change in color schemes. It was updated with our red accent color and then given a distressed look with a bit of rough sanding.  Tin punched panels complete the aged look.  These panels were easily made by tracing a design onto pieces of sheet metal and using a nail and hammer to make the holes.  The renewed cabinet is ready to be loved for many more years to come!


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