Friday, July 20, 2012

Laundry Room

My tiny laundry room was desperate for some reorganization and a little life.

On our last 'hunting' trip, Jade spotted this washboard, which I was able to steal for $10 at Rose's Auction in Saskatoon, I knew it would be a great finishing touch!

(those Royal Canadian Mint money bags, were my other find at Rose's Auction for $0.50/ea!
My plan is to wash them and upcycle them as gift bags.)

Anna had an old antique ironing board in her garage that she sent my way.
It wasn't functional so I placed it up above the cabinets along with
 my grandmas old iron and a wash basin.


I found a nifty little shelf at HomeSense to house some of my odds'n'ends, as an added bonus it looked really cute! It is also deep enough to house my laundry soap, some clothes pins, and a jar to collect the spare change from the dryer ;)

No big changes here, just a bit of reorganization and a few great finds,
spiffed this room up a bit!

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