Monday, September 17, 2012

The Tigress

Surfing kijiji one day--one of our favorite pastimes--Terra came across this dresser.
Yes, another dresser. It was priced reasonably and it clearly needed some TLC.

Before: nothing special. Almost offensive, really.

There was no place to put another dresser, but we have been looking for a group
project for a while now, and this was a perfect starter piece. We really had nothing to lose, and it was going to be fun to work on something together!
We also had a few refinishing tricks that we wanted to show Anna!

We could see through the wear on the top of the dresser, that it had some tiger oak underneath, so the original plan was: 
  1. Sand down the top and stain it, enhancing the tiger oak. 
  2. Paint the remainder of the dresser antique white. 
  3. Distress and add some pulls. 
 Can you picture it? 

Boy, did things change. 

When we got our 3 creative minds together over some coffee
and many sheets of sandpaper ... it took on its own life! Wow!

It couldn't be further from the original plan. 
And it couldn't have turned out better.

We present to you ...
The Tigress

The Tigress will be our first sale piece. We hope she will fit into one of your homes!


  1. Hi Lori! We are selling this beauty for $225. Take a peek at our facbook page for more details.

  2. What is your facebook page? Can you post a link or a button?

  3. Sure, here's the link:
    We used to have a button, I'll see what happened to it! Thanks for asking!

  4. That's a beautiful piece! My parents have quarter sawn oak cabinets and they are beautiful.

  5. I love this! Quarter sawn oak is my favourite, I would never have thought to do this combination. Good job!