Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September 15, 2012 ... A day worth documenting!

*CAUTION: this is a pic-heavy post. But it was a day worthy of a lot of pictures!

Three tired moms, weary from the hectic schedule fall brings, were all looking forward to a day dedicated to coffee, adult company, and lots of vintage goodness.

Creekside Country Home Decor & Antiques in Delisle is a place we all wanted to visit together, so we made a date back in August to visit them at their open house.
Anna and Terra, we hadn't even made it in the store yet and they were already hunting!
If you have never been to Creekside, you have to go. So many beautiful pieces, most of them handcrafted and re-newed by the owners.

  The bonus the day we went was that they had opened the back of the store up and it was full of antiques! Cabinets, old chairs, bed frames...to say we were excited was an understatement.

These old pillars would be great on a deck or cut down to use as furniture legs.
The shapes in this window make it special; but Jade especially loved the deep (bullet? hail?) holes that make it imperfect. It has a story!
Vintage goodness, everywhere we turned.

This wall inspired us - you may see a spin on this on the blog in the future...

 We all came home with what we wanted, and had a lot of fun!

Terra's fall finds!

The chair Anna couldn't leave behind.

There just so happened to be another antique store (A Lil' Bit Country) next door to Creekside so in we went. You just never know what you are going to find...or what you will leave with!
We learned about Anna's love for vintage kitchen gadgets . . . but she left this one behind.

Jade tore herself away from this chair, a near replica of the one she remembers her great-grandma having. That colour!
Terra picked up this antique ceiling tile. Maybe she'll show us soon how she plans to use it in her home?
Nothing was more antiquated than the advice contained in this book for teenagers. 
It provided us with a few laughs on the drive back to Warman.

We rolled back into Warman shortly after lunch, and Jade suggested a quick stop by the local thrift store.
Jade thought this would look great as a light shade, spray painted in a fun colour for a little girl's room or a laundry room. She left without it but is still thinking about it . . .

Terra found a great avocado green iron for her laundry room here.

Across from the Warman thrift store is the local posting board for garage sales. There was one sign in particular that caught our eye:


We had a little time before our families would start sending out search parties for us. 
And Osler was only a few minutes away. Why not take a spin out there?
It was clearly marked and easy to find.
What happened next, none of us were quite prepared for ...

We drove into the yard and saw the big red barn. 
It was fully staged, and we all knew it wasn't going to be our 'average antique sale'.

 This little shed was just a few feet away from the barn, and we headed toward it first. 
To say it was HEAPED with antique furniture was an understatement!

Treasure hunting isn't for the weak at heart. 
LOTS of dust, mouse droppings, pigeon poop and two garter snakes, but we didn't care!
Just keepin' it real.
 We dove in head first, touched everything, and called dibs as fast as we could.
A few items had prices on them: $2 for a red wooden chair? Could this be true?
Terra was still trying to take it all in.
We were already excited, and we still had the barn to check out.
It looked to be at least 20 times the size of the little shed.
It was panic, good panic!

Plan of attack: Do a quick assessment of the goods, and get our butts into that barn. Pronto!

We sped into that barn. Up the stairs to the hayloft.

There were two windows at the back, with sunshine pouring through. Things piled as high as you could reach. It was all good stuff. Really good stuff!

Jade said it best:
"and they walked in, and the light shone down from the Heavens, and the angels began to sing"
We had done it again!
Jackpot! JACKPOT! We had hit the flippin' JACKPOT!

The owner greeted us as we walked in. "Have a ball," she said, "Browse around. Good Luck!"
"....and don't forget to open all the drawers and doors on the cabinets and dressers, I have run out of storage room, every piece of furniture is full as well." 

She was not lying. EVERY piece. FULL.

We spent a lot of time circling that attic. Around and around. Each lap we found new things. Each drawer held new treasures. How had we not heard about this place before?

She told us she has always collected as a hobby, but only has a one day sale ... ONCE A YEAR! What are the chances that this was the day we would be out together, and see that sign?
We were meant to search through this attic together.

This farm table? Both Jade and Terra called dibs, but in the end, it went home with Anna!

It is amazing how much goodness can be packed into a minivan.

We pulled piles of things out of that attic. Too much to name them all.
We will leave you with a few pics of some of the treasures of one of the greatest picking days ever!

Still in awe. What a good day!

This is why: September 15, 2012 is a day worth documenting!


  1. I am so wanting to rifle through that attic! OMG jackpot indeed - great finds ladies! Lisa O

  2. WHAT a fun looking day!! I'm definitely drooling over your finds!

    ~Steph @ Silver Boxes

  3. Holy Wow...I am getting old, the things that you guys call antiques was stuff we had when I was a kid! I do have one of those "step" stools in my kitchen!! Wow, what a fun day...my wallet would have been empty!!