Sunday, July 28, 2013

Table talk

The task: A custom project for a coworker of mine. Her grandfathers dining room table was in need of TLC. She didn't need another dining table, but came up with the great idea of converting to a coffee table for their family room.

Process: Disassemble. Sand top. Cut legs down to a height of 18". Reassemble. Add brackets to sturdy. Stain and oil top. Tape and spray paint legs and apron a charcoal colour. Distress slightly. Seal project and deliver.

Outcome: I am thrilled with the outcome. It's a nice rustic, well worn looking family room coffee table that should hopefully add some charm and function for many more years to come.

Things I've learned: I could never be a surrogate. I fall in love with every Renew project that I complete. I struggle to cough up the finished product every time. My furniture, or others, and this piece was no exception.

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