Thursday, November 15, 2012

Little Dresser

The projects are still lined up and waiting to be tackled, but at a slower pace now that the cold weather has hit. If only our husbands would move their Bobcats outside and open their "man caves" to us. A little purple overspray on a motorbike never hurt anything! Until that day comes, parking outside it is, but with the cold temperatures it wears thin. The garage heater was running at my place this week while I was working on a bigger project, so I decided to give attention to this little dresser that has been waiting patiently for some attention. A thoughtful friend brought this piece to my doorstep. She pulled it out of their barn and thought of me. Thanks L!  
A wipe, sand, some tightening and it was ready for a coat of Liquitex.  I used yellow oxide for the dresser and a deep purple for the pulls. Once it was dry I gave it a rough sand and wiped it down with some gel stain to give it an antique look. Easy!! (my favorite type of projects)